Today, the underground realm is treated as a comprehensive resource and the new frontier. And it is a fact that underground realms are currently being techno-scientifically penetrated at an increasing pace and integrated into the dynamics of capitalist accumulation. This Living Book examines this “underground frontier” from a historical perspective and simultaneously sheds light on the promises presently tied up with the depths of the Earth.

Berger Ziauddin, Silvia; Grob, Leo: Below Ground. History and Futures of the Underground Frontier, 2024 (Living Books About History 11). Online: <>.


The book "Women, Gender and Computing (from the 1940s to today)" analyses how the role of women in computing has evolved in the US and Europe. It studies how this field became more and more a masculine domain.

This anthology is structured in three parts. The first one focused on (In)Visibility through time, highlighting women's important role in the early years of computing. It enlightens the evolution of their role, first as human computers or punch cards operators, until the strong professionalization of the sector, and showcases their invisibility through time.

Schafer, Valérie; Höfer, Matthias; Noguera, Carmen: Women, Gender and Computing, 2023 (Living Books About History 10). Online: <>.


This Living Book has several objectives. First, it aims to show the generativity of research on an object, television, still in search of academic and institutional legitimacy. Secondly, it intends to promote and extend a historiographic renewal that has been observable for the last fifteen years: in this sense, our ambition is to lay the foundations for an expanded history of television at the intersection of media archaeology, intermedial perspectives, and a comprehensive analysis of vision and remote communication.

Vallotton, François; Weber, Ann-Katrin: Towards an Expanded History of Television, 2021 (Living Books About History 9). Online: <>.


Tenu dans le cadre du festival Histoire et Cité du 14 au 16 mai 2015, l'atelier Booksprint - Création d'une anthologie numérique sur le pacisifme a été organisé par, la Faculté des lettres de l’Université de Genève et la Bibliothèque numérique romande. Il a été suivi par une quinzaine de participants. Les participants de l’atelier ont été amenés à produire une anthologie numérique de textes sur le thème de la paix et du pacifisme.

Citazione:; Maison de l’Histoire, Université de Genève, Bibliothèque numérique romande (Hg.): Anthologie sur le pacifisme, Genève 2015. Online: <>, Stand: 20.05.2015.


Das digitale Zeitalter verleiht der Überwachung und der Sammlung von Daten neue Brisanz. hat im November 2014 die Tagung «Datenschutz und Geschichts­wissenschaften» organisiert, um die neuen und alten Herausforderungen im Umgang mit den personenbezogenen Daten zu diskutieren. Die Texte zur Tagung beleuchten die Geschichte und die neusten Entwicklungen des Datenschutzes.

Natale, Enrico; Kurmann, Eliane; Baumann, Jan u. a. (Hg.): Datenschutz und Geschichtswissenschaften. Rückblicke und Standpunkte, Bern 2015. Online: <>, Stand: 14.06.2017.