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Islam(s) in China. Reflecting on muslim diversity

da 26. Giugno 2019 a 27. Giugno 2019 Add to calendar

The diversity of Islam that we observe today in China has its origins in a centuries-old relationship with Chinese society, which has taken many forms and touched upon various political, institutional, cultural or economic issues. While we tend to posit a global Islam that exists as an abstract ideal, we attempt at the same time to remain mindful of the regional variations that makes it impossible to reduce such a tradition to a monolith. The emergence of new approaches to the study of religion and ethnic minorities has challenged previous research methodologies. In the PRC especially, and for more than thirty years already, the presence of foreign Muslims, new conversions to Islam, ethnic blending, or the emergence of new policies to project Islamic cultural heritage, encompass a complex mosaic of accommodation, adjustment, preservation, and, at times, resistance, which reveal new meanings created by communities who attempt to reconcile perceived disparities between Islamic ideals and changing social realities. This Islamic revival is a new phenomenon that complexifies even further the study of Islam in China. Framed by diverse reflections throughout China, this workshop aims to discuss broadly this large process and to highlight differences among places, times, and individuals with ambition of giving new perspectives on the study of Islam and its diversity in China.

Toute personne intéressée à assister aux présentations est la bienvenue, mais les places sont limitées. Si vous souhaitez participer, veuillez écrire à avant le 19 juin, en précisant si vous désirez commander le repas pour midi (CHF 20.-/personne).

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