CfP: Migration and Im/Mobility in Times of Entangled Crises: Concepts, Practices and Governance

28. Febbraio 2023
Call for papers

University of Neuchâtel, 11– 12 July 2023: 6th Neuchâtel Graduate Conference of Migration and Mobility Studies

Call for Contributions
The topic of this year’s Graduate Conference will be ‘Migration and Im/Mobility in Times of Entangled Crises: Concepts, Practices and Governance.’ Despite different temporalities and intensities, disruptive events – such as the so-called refugee crisis of 2015-2016, the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine or the accelerated effects of global warming – have exposed the vulnerabilities of an increasingly interconnected world, challenging existing models, and governance of migration and im/mobility. Such events also revealed and exacerbated inequalities related to who is able to move, how, and where from/ where to. Nonetheless, crises may not always arise suddenly and unexpectedly, but they may also appear as slow-building processes with the potential to culminate in escalating events. The climate emergency, for example, did not materialize suddenly, yet it still has a tremendous impact on how people move, thus illustrating a broader entanglement: crises are rarely monocausal. More often than not, they are the cumulative effect of a series of events perceived as threats/challenges that require immediate, fundamental action. Therefore, crises are also likely to prompt paradigm shifts in the conceptualization, practices and governance of migration and im/mobility.

Against this background, we encourage researchers to explore the construction and the impact of past, current or future crises on the public perception, governance, and practices of migration and im/ mobility, across different geographical and political contexts, and on different scales of social organization. We also invite contributions that explore the differential experiences of crises and critically engage with the concept of crisis itself, addressing what constitutes a crisis and for whom. We welcome contributions on this overarching topic from all related disciplines in migration and mobility studies, such as demography, economics, geography, law, political science, sociology, psychology, anthropology, as well as other relevant fields.

Submission Procedure
The deadline for submission is 28 February 2023.
Contributions can take the form of papers or posters. Contribution proposals should include an abstract (max. 250 words), a list of up to five keywords, and the name and affiliation of the presenter. Co-authored contributions at different stages of advancement are also welcome.

Contribution proposals must be submitted via this form by Tuesday, 28 February 2023. Applicants will be informed by 20 March 2023. For any questions, please send an email to

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