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Virtual Research Environments and Ancient Manuscripts

10. September 2020 - 9:55 bis 11. September 2020 - 10:55 Add to calendar

See the conference presentation and (closed) call for paper here.


A) Invited papers:
1) VREs of research projects
- Garrick Allen, Owen Colan, Declan O’Sullivan (Dublin City University, ADAPT Centre) “Titles of the New Testament (TiNT): Digital Editing and Querying Data for Paratexts in Manuscript

- Patrick Andrist (University of München) “Goals and strategies for developing a manuscript database with a focus on comparative codicology”

- David Bouvier and Ariane Jambé (University of Lausanne) “The digital future of a founding text: the Iliad and the Genavensis Græcus 44 manuscript”

- Claire Clivaz and Mina Monier (SIB, Lausanne) “Mark16 as a VRE: challenges and opportunities”

- Hugh Houghton and Catherine Smith (ITSEE, University of Birmingham) “Codex Zacynthius: Editing a Virtual Manuscript in the Digital Research Environment”

- Antonio Loprieno (University of Basel) “Crossing boundaries between humanities and informatics: the case of Egyptian papyri”

- Isabelle Marthot-Santaniello (University of Basel) “D-scribes project and beyond: building a VRE for Digital Paleography of Ancient Greek and Coptic”

- Greg Paulson (INTF, University of Münster) “The Nestle-Aland as Open Digital Edition”

2) Data storage, curation and evaluation
- Ann Harding (Switch, Zurich) “Safe and Easy Storage for All Kinds of Data Artifacts”

- Lukas Rosenthaler and Vera Chiquet (DHLab, University of Basel) “Salsah and Knora as Swiss Research Infrastructure in Humanities”

- Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra (DARIAH-EU), “VREs as an evaluation and peer-review challenge in Humanities”

B) Selected papers:
- Valéry Berlincourt, Lavinia Galli Milić, Jean-Philippe Goldman, Damien Nelis (Université de Genève) “From a digital critical edition to a Virtual Research Environment: the Achilleid of Statius as case study”

- Bronson Brown-deVost (Georg-August-Universität) “Editing Dead Sea Scrolls in the Scripta Qumranica Electronica VRE”

- Thomas Köntges (University of Leipzig) “Livin’ on the Hyperedge: Using Brucheion to Produce Digital Scholarly Editions as Hypergraphs”

- Margot Mellet (Université de Montréal) “The Palatine Antology Project: A digital edition of a classical corpus”

- Peter A. Stokes, Daniel Stökl Ben Ezra, Benjamin Kiessling, Robin Tissot, El Hassane Gargem (EPHE and PSL) “The eScriptorium VRE for Manuscript Cultures”

C) Selected slam session and posters :
Francesca Galli and Elena Nieddu (Universita della Svizzera italiana et Roma 3) “In Codice Ratio: using VREs in the study of the Medieval Vatican Registers”

- Moshe Lavee (University of Haifa) “Tikkoun Sofrim”: Text Aggregation and Text Modeling in Creating combined HTR - Crowdsourcing Digital Editions”

- Marie-Agnès Lucas-Avenel et Marie Bisson (Université de Caen) “Why do the digital critical edition of a Latin source ? The example of the De Rebus Gestis Rogerii comitis by Gaufredus Malaterra”

- Riccardo Macchioro (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen) “Patristic Sermons in the Middle Ages (PASSIM). Towards a Virtual Research Environment for the Study of Patristic Homiliaries”

- Elpida Perdiki and Maria Konstantinidou (Democritus University of Thrace) “Handling Big Manuscript Data”

- Sara Schulthess (SIB, Lausanne) “The VRE of the research project HumaReC, some lessons learned”

- Andrew Smith (Shepherds Theological Seminary), “Mining Manuscript Data in the New Testament Virtual Manuscript Room”

- Elena Spadini (Université de Lausanne) and Elisa Nury (Université de Genève) “Manuscripts and digital tools: the long history of machine-assisted collation”

- Simone Zenzaro (Université de Lausanne) “Towards better VREs: key concepts and basic challenges

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Claire Clivaz (SIB, Lausanne, CH) and Garrick Allen (Dublin University, Ireland)


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