Digital History Summer School 2017

Today, historians are increasingly confronted with questions about the use of primary sources. How does one deal with historical primary sources in the Digital Age? What peculiarities present sources, which have been digitized, or which originated in digital form–so-called “born-digital” sources? How do we read them? How do we interpret them? How can they be used in order to construct a historical narrative?

Following the success of a first edition in Bern (2013), this four-day Summer School offers historians (PhD-candidates, graduates students, established historians) the opportunity to acquire the basic principles of data usage in the historical sciences, and benefit from insights gained in other humanities and social sciences disciplines.


Jane Winters
Introduction to Digital History
Discutant: Sean Takats
Frédéric Clavert and Sean Takats
From primary sources to data
Discutant: Sean Takats
Elena Pierazzo
Digitized sources

Valérie Schafer
Web archive
Aris Xanthos
Text mining
Marten Düring and Martin Grandjean
Networks and visualization