CfP: Anthropogenic Climate Change

15. Marzo 2022
Call for papers

In 2022, CCH will publish a special issue (either 1 or 2) on anthropogenic climate change. This call invites proposals for contributions on all aspects relating to anthropogenic climate change in history. The ‘early anthropogenic hypothesis’ (EAH), introduced by William Ruddiman, allows for the discussion of several periods in the long Holocene with regard to the potential impact of land use change on the climate system prior to industrialisation. However, the EAH remains controversial. We welcome proposals for reviews on the state of the art of debates on concrete cases, and for opinion pieces that take a clear position in ongoing controversies. In contrast, the anthropogenic causes of recent climate change are undisputed among scientists outside the circles of climate change denialism. We seek contributions on all aspects – political, economic, social and cultural – of recent global warming. The nineteenth and twentieth centuries are often underrepresented in studies of historical climate research. It is a general purpose of CCH to foster expansion of historical climate research into recent and contemporary periods. Authors are strongly recommended to contact the CCH editors for suitability check prior to submission. Regarding article formats and the publication procedure, please see the Open Call, below.

Open Call for Papers – 2022 and 2023
CCH is a new open access journal. In the first year of publication, 2022, two issues will be published (volume 1, issues 1 & 2); we anticipate that three issues will follow in 2023 (volume 2, issues 3–5). At least two of the first five issues of CCH will have special thematic focuses, for which special calls will follow. The other issues are open to proposals responsive to the journal’s general thematic scope, which covers the entire field of study of climates and climatic changes in human history. Contributions can be either presentations of original research, reviews, perspectives, or teaching articles. The general purpose and format of these article types are explained here . Proposals should specify the article format. Authors are strongly encouraged to contact the CCH editors for suitability check prior to submission. For this purpose, please send a full abstract of the intended article to After passing this check, authors should register and submit their articles. The path to publication is described here . Note that all article types mentioned above will have to pass double-blind peer review.

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