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Match with the Mountains

We'd like to introduce the best matching mountain according to the users needs.

In our project want to focus on the beauty of nature, that‘s why we decided to use the dataset «The Call of the Mountains».
Our aim is to generate an interactive map, which allows the user to quickly get an overview of the mountains around «Graubünden».

Frontpage (Map of Mountains)
-The map consists of several districts. After selecting one area, the user is able to see different suggestions - inside the selected district.

Subpage1 (Variety of Cards)
-After clicking the "See More"-button the user is directed to the first subpage.
-There will be shown a variety of different mountains - located in the chosen district and displayed as cards.

Subpage2 (Personal Choice)
-Once the user made his choice, he can get more details by using the "See Profile"-button.
-This leads to a second subsite, where the image of the selected mountain-card appears in full size
-Also more information about the background and location are visible.

Contact: Mirjam Rodehacke & Nicole Nett (students at FHGR)
Data Source: Fundaziun Capauliana

6th Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon
6. Juni 2020
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