Das Schweizer Fachportal für die Geschichtswissenschaften

GLAMhack 2022

The 2022 Edition of the Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon took place on November 4 & 5 2022 in Mendrisio in collaboration with the Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana.

GLAMhack 2022

An insight into the GLAMhack2022 by , and

Fonoteca Jukebox

An innovative way for visitors of the Swiss National Sound Archive to listen to the 500+ recordings of the Gramophone Collection


5. November 2022

Living Herbarium

Connecting the Herbarium to Wikidata around playful experiences and storytelling


5. November 2022


Mont is an AR webapp that lets you discover the hills and mountain tops around you.


5. November 2022

Audio Analysis Challenge

Retrieve as much information as possible from an audio collection, through various Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing methods

5. November 2022

Noon at the Museum

Despite excellent exhibitions about future foods and ecological diets: museum restaurants often disappoint. Let's change this together!


5. November 2022

Mappa Letteraria

Paving the way for more open data in Tessin


5. November 2022

Label Recognition for Herbarium

Search batches of herbarium images for text entries related to the collector, collection or field trip


5. November 2022

Find my classical doppelgänger

A website where a selfie can be uploaded and the closest classical portrait from the kunstmuseum basels archive will show up


5. November 2022

Micro Bugs

5. November 2022