DARIAH-CH Study Days

20. Oktober 2023 - 09:30 bis 17:30

The event has the objective to bring together members of the Swiss DH community and experts working in national and European research infrastructures, and to enable the encounter between these actors. The event is organised by Tobias Hodel, professor of Digital Humanities at the University of Bern, with the support of Christa Schneider (UNIBE), Laura Strub (UNIBE), Rico Sennrich (UZH) and Cristina Grisot (DARIAH-CH). The event is funded by UNIBE, DaSCH and Academy for Social and Human Sciences.


In the programme, we will have a round table about the use of crowdsourcing in the Humanities, a talk about ethical and legal issues in the Arts and Humanities, data pitches by PhD students and post-doctoral researchers and pitches by experts working in the area of research infrastructures (such as the Swiss National Data and Service Center for Humanities DaSCH, the Linguistic Research Infrastructure LiRI, Collection Builder, Geovistory, nodegoat, Hypotheses and the European SSH Open Marketplace). Pitches will be followed by counselling sessions offered by the experts to the researchers who pitched their data.

Check here the preliminary programme. 

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The organizing committee: Tobias Hodel (UNIBE), Rico Zennrich (UZH), Cristina Grisot (DaSCH, DARIAH-CH), Christa Schneider (UNIBE), Laura Strub (UNIBE)


Unitobler, Room F021
Lerchenweg 36

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