Networks of Exchange and Collaboration from the Margins of Imperial Europe

23. March 2021 a 24. March 2021

Dr. Moritz von Brescius (University of Bern), Prof. Dr. Christof Dejung (University of Bern), Prof. Dr. Andreas Eckert (HU Berlin), Prof. Dr. Nadin Hée (FU Berlin & MPIWG Berlin), Prof. Dr. Pernille Røge (University of Pittsburgh), Dr. Bernhard Schär (ETH Zurich)

The workshop presents ongoing research for a special issue of the global history journal Comparativ. The issue brings transimperial history into conversation with the history of knowledge. It does so in order to investigate the co-production of knowledge between Africa, South and Southeast Asia and countries situated ›at the margins‹ of Imperial Europe during the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Together, the contributions present new paths to understanding how imperialism, when viewed through the prism of a transimperial history of knowledge, emerged as a shared European project, co-constituted by extra-European environments, epistemologies and actors.

The discussion will be based on pre-circulated papers which participants are expected to read in preparation of the workshop.

Please register by March 15, 2021 via email.
The Zoom link for online participation and the pre-circulated papers will be sent out in advance.

Organised by
Doctoral Program of the Center»History of Knowledge«: Claire Louise Blaser, Monique Ligtenberg, Josephine Selander


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