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Open Cultural Data Hackathon 2015

Interviews with the Organizers

MICHA RIESER, Wikipedian in Residence; Project Manager Open Cultural Hackathon, Bern 2015

MATTHIAS NEPFER, Head of innovation and information management, Swiss National Library; Co-Organizer Open Cultural Hackathon, Bern 2015

BEAT ESTERMANN, E-Government Institute, University of Applied Sciences Bern; Dataset head Open Cultural Hackathon, Bern 2015

FRÉDÉRIC NOYER, State Archives Neuchâtel; Communication Head Open Cultural Hackathon, Bern 2015

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Project Presentations

Alain und Laura sind neue Medien
Two comedians take a poetic journey along selected cultural datasets. They uncover trivia, funny and bizarre facts, and give life to data in a most peculiar way. In French, German, English and some Italian.
Project Wiki

Ancestors on Wikidata
Visualise family trees using Wikidata.
Project Wiki

Simple webpage created to display the art on the map and allow to click on each individual element and to follow the URL link:
Find art around you on a map!

Project Wiki

Export Wikimedia Commons categories to your local machine with a convenient web user interface.
Project Wiki

Cultural Music Radio
EThis is a cultural music radio which plays suitable music depending on your gps location or travel route. Our backend server looks for artists and musicians nearby the user's location and sends back an array of Spotify music tracks which will then be played on the iOS app.
Project Wiki

Diplomatic Documents and Swiss Newspapers in 1914
This project gathers two data sets: Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland and Le Temps Historical Archive for year 1914. Our aim is to find links between the two data sets to allow users to more easily search the corpora together.
Project Wiki

Graphing the Stateless People in Carl Durheim's Photos
CH-BAR has contributed 222 photos by Carl Durheim, taken in 1852 and 1853, to Wikimedia Commons. These pictures show people who were in prison in Bern for being transients and vagabonds. This project tries to graph their family trees.
Project Wiki

Historical Tarot Freecell
The project aims at making historical playing cards playable again by means of the well-known solitaire card game “Freecell” which has been recoded for the purpose.
Project Wiki

Historical Views of Zurich Data Upload
Preparation of approx. 200 historical photographs and pictures of the Baugeschichtliches Archiv Zurich for upload unto Wikimedia Commons. Metadata enhancing, adding landmarks and photographers as additional category metadata.
Project Wiki

Lausanne Historic GeoGuesser
Integrate collections of historical Swiss maps into the open platform oldmapsonline.org. A basic GeoGuesser game using pictures of Lausanne from the 19th century. All images are available on http://musees.lausanne.ch and are are part of the Musée Historique de Lausanne Collection.Project Wiki

Oldmaps Online
Integrate collections of historical Swiss maps into the open platform oldmapsonline.org. For the hackathon maps and metadata will be integrated in the mentioned platform. In the next step metadata and sources should be published openly so that they can be imported to wikimedia. Another goal is to create a register of historical maps from Swiss collections.Project Wiki

OpenGLAM Inventory
EIdea: Create a database containing all the heritage institutions in Switzerland. For each heritage institution, all collections are listed. For each collection the degree of digitization and the level of openness are indicated.
Project Wiki

Picture This
A connected picture frame displaying historic images.
Project Wiki

Portrait Domain
This is a concept for an gamified social media platform / art installation aiming to explore alternate identity, reflect on the usurping of privacy through facial recognition technology, and make use of historic digitized photographs in the Public Domain to recreate personas from the past.
Project Wiki

Public Domain Game
A card game to discover the public domain. 2d barcodes to link physical cards with online examples.
Project Wiki

Schweizer Kleinmeister: An Unexpected Journey
This project shows a large image collection in an interactive 3D-visualisation. About 2300 prints and drawings from “Schweizer Kleinmeister” from the Gugelmann Collection of the Swiss National Library form a cloud in the virtual space.
Project Wiki

Spock Monroe Art Brut
This is a photo mosaic based on street art in SoHo, New York City - Spock\Monroe as photographed by Ludovic Bertron . The mosaic is created out of miniscule thumbnails of 9486 images from the Collection de l'Art Brut in Lausanne using the Metapixel software running on Linux at the 1st Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon.
Project Wiki

Swiss Games Showcase
A website made to show off the work of the growing Swiss computer game scene. The basis of the site is a crowdsourced list of Swiss games. This list is parsed, and additional information on each game is automatically gathered. Finally, a static showcase page is generated.
Project Wiki

The Endless Story
A project aiming to tell a story (connected facts) using the structured data of wikidata.org.
Project Wiki

We propose to work on an application able to request different local specialized cultural datasets and make links, through the result, with the huge, global, universal, Wikipedia and Google Map to enrich the cultural information returned to the visitor.
Project Wiki

Exploring a water visualisation and sonification remix with Open Data, to make it accessible for people who don't care about data.
Why water? Water is a open accessible element for life. It flows like data and everyone should have access to it.
We demand Open Access to data and water.

Project Wiki

Solothurner Kościuszko-Inventar

Webapp Eduard Spelterini



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