Das Schweizer Fachportal für die Geschichtswissenschaften

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Wikidata-based multilingual library search

In Switzerland each linguistic region is working with different authority files for authors and organizations, situation which brings difficulties for the end user when he is doing a search.

Art on Paper Gallery

We develop a gallery app for browsing art works on paper. For the prototype we use a dataset sample delivered from the Collection Online of the Graphische Sammlung ETH Zurich. In our app the user can find the digital images of the prints and drawings, gets metadata information about the different techniques and other details. The app invites the user to browse from one art work to the other, following different paths such as the same technique, the same artist, the same subject and so on.


Walking Around the Globe – 3D Picture Exhibition

With our Hackathon prototype for a virtual 3D exhibition in VR we tackle several challenges.

• The challenge of exhibition space:
many collections, especially small ones – like the Collection of Astronomical Instruments of ETH Zurich – have only a small or no physical space at all to exhibit their objects to the public

Ask the Artist

The project idea is to create a voice assistance with the identity of an artist. In our case, we created a demo of the famous Swiss painter Ferdinand Hodler. That is to say, the voice assistance is nor Siri nor Alexa. Instead, it is an avatar of Ferdinand Hodler who can answer your questions about his art and his life.

You can directly interact with the program by talking, as what you would do normally in your daily life. You can ask it all kinds of questions about Ferdinand Hodler, e.g.:

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