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Konferenzen / Vorträge

Diese Seite beinhaltet Aufzeichnungen, Podcasts und Präsentationen von Veranstaltungen, die entweder von infoclio.ch organisiert oder von einer Vertreterin oder einem Vertreter von infoclio.ch besucht wurden.
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Match with the Mountains

In our project want to focus on the beauty of nature, that‘s why we decided to use the dataset «The Call of the Mountains».
Our aim is to generate an interactive map, which allows the user to quickly get an overview of the mountains around «Graubünden».

Frontpage (Map of Mountains)
-The map consists of several districts. After selecting one area, the user is able to see different suggestions - inside the selected district.

Extra Moenia

Challenge: COVID19 is restricting and changing the way we can access buildings and we can experience space. For safety reasons, access to museums and cultural sites is strictly regulated and complex.

Vision: The outdoors represent a meaningful extension of museums and cultural sites. Connecting a building with the outdoors allows a different experience of the museum, its physical space and its collection.

Art exhibitions, 1945-2020


This project aims to create a friendly user interface to visualize and interact with a dataset of 50'000 exhibitions from SIKART.ch on a world map.


This is a project realized by Ishan Mishra, using a dataset from the Swiss Institute for Art Research (SIK-ISEA) which contains about 50'000 art exhibitions from SIKART.ch, the online lexicon of SIK-ISEA documenting the activities of artists related to Switzerland, either through nationality or through sustained artistic activity in Switzerland.

GLAM Inventory

Switzerland has a great ammount of libraries, archives and museums, but we are still missing a common directory of all these heritage institutions.

Challenge: The goal is to create a complete inventory of Swiss libraries, archives and museums and to find a solution for the data maintenance of this directory.

Georeferencing and linking digitized archival Documents

The PTT archive is increasingly digitising its collections with the aim of not only making documents more easily available, but also of making them accessible, linked and analysed in new ways. Many of these Documents can be assigned to one or more geographical points. Three such records are presented below, with the idea of trying out new approaches and concepts:

Interactive Storytelling Across Generations

Developing digital learning in creative subjects by using paintings of childrens drawings or part of it of the collection Pestalozzianum.
We started with the question: How can we interact more with the people and maybe enrich the childrens drawings of the Pestalozzianum with more information?
3 cases are developed to make the web space of the collection more vivid, encourage children to interact and activate their fantasy.

Main challenge: How to learn effectively? (by the spirit of Pestalozzi)

Culture in Time

Simple event calendar for public viewing that written in Rails, SParQl and Semantic UI (web interface platform). Using existing linked open data (LOD) on productions & events, locations & venues, and dates to feed contemporary and historical data into this calendar. Coming soon: LOD on artists and works.

Find information on this project in Glamhack Wiki and here.

Go to https://culture-intime.herokuapp.com/ and view calendar

Data Sources

Graubünden Mountain Hunt

MountainHunt is about providing geodata on old images. From a collection of 179 Pictures, that were taken between 1800 and 2000, you can choose one and try to find its origin. Them recreate it as good as you can and upload the new Version. On that way, we collect Geo-Data on the old Pictures. We crate a time-machine for everyone to join and experience.

Mountain Hunt

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