Das Schweizer Fachportal für die Geschichtswissenschaften

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Day One

CoViMAS joins forces of different disciplines to form a group which contains Maker, content provider, developer(s), communicator, designer and user experience expert. Having different backgrounds and expertise made a great opportunity to explore different ideas and opportunities to develop the horizons of the project.


Welcome to TimeGazer: A time-traveling photo booth enabling you to send greetings from historical postcards.

Based on the wonderful “Postcards from Valais (1890 - 1950)” dataset, consisting of nearly 4000 historic postcards of Valais, we create a prototype for Mixed-Reality photo booth.

Choose a historic postcard as a background and a person will be style-transferred virtually onto the postcard.


A better way to experience art:
Build a working, easy to follow example that integrates open and curated culture data with VR devices in a museum exhibition to provide modern, fun and richer visitor experience. Focusing on one art piece, organizing data alone the timeline, building a concept and process, so anyone who want to use above technologies can easily follow the steps for any art object for any museum.

Find Me an Exhibit

Are you ready to take up the challenge? Film categories of objects in the exhibition “History of Switzerland” running against the clock.

The app displays one of several categories of exhibits that can be found in the exhibition (like “cloths”, “paintings” or “clocks”). Your job is to find a matching exhibit as quick as possible. You don't have much time, so hurry up!

Best played on portable devices. ;-)


Explore the collection in a new, interessting way

You have to find objects, which have similar metadata and try to match them. The displayed objects are (semi-)randomly selected from a dataset (eg. from SNM). From the metadata of the starting object, the app will search for three other objects:

Swiss Art Stories on Twitter

In the project “Swiss art stories on Twitter”, the Twitter bot “larthippie” has been created. The idea of the project is to automatically tweet information on Swiss art, artists and exhibitions.

Originally, different storylines for the tweets were discussed and programmed, such as:

- Tweeting information about upcoming exhibitions at Kunsthaus Zürich and reminders with approaching deadlines

- Tweets with specific information about artists, taken from the artists database SIK-ISEA

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