About us

Infoclio.ch was born from an initiative of the Swiss Historical Society (SSH) and of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (ASSH).
Its objectives are to develop a digital infrastructure for the historical sciences in Switzerland, to coordinate the principal players and institutions, to increase the visibility of Swiss historical research in the digital context, and to facilitate researchers’ access to digital and international programs.


  • coordinates the different players and institutions concerned, and represents their projects and common interests in the field of historical sciences.
  • supplies specific information to the scientific community.
  • commits itself to put existing resources online, for the presence of Swiss history in international databases and for the participation of researchers in international digital projects.
  • establishes ties with other national and international initiatives aimed at constructing a digital infrastructure for the humanities on a European scale, in particular DARIAH (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities).
  • reflects the potential and the problems of digital media for the historical sciences.
  • engages itself in scientific policy to put together solutions and future strategies to strengthen the digital infrastructure for the historical sciences.

The objective of infoclio.ch is to become an essential tool for work and research for the historical sciences in Switzerland!