Roman Justice between Virtue and Law


Workshop Program, ERC Project “The Just City”
Rome, November 11-12, 2021, Istituto Svizzero


Thursday, November 11

10:30AM: Welcome, coffee & tea

11AM-12:30PM: Opening speech Professor Christoph Horn (Bonn), followed by Q & A

12:30-2PM: Lunch break

2-4PM: Discussion among team members

4-5PM: Presentation Professor Johan Olsthoorn (Amsterdam)

Friday, November 12

8:30-10AM: René de Nicolay (UZH/Princeton):
“De rep. 5.1-2: Mores et Viri in the Republic”. Comments by Professor Yelena Baraz (Princeton)

10-11:30AM: Benjamin Straumann (UZH): “Roman Rights Talk: Subjective Rights in Cicero and Livy” (co-authored with Dan Edelstein, Stanford). Comments by Professor Valentina Arena (UCL)

11:30-1PM: Nikolas Hächler (UZH): “Justice and the Roman State in Lactantius and Augustine”. Comments by Professor Christoph Horn (Bonn)

1PM-2:30PM: Lunch break

2:30-4PM: Jeff Dymond (UZH): “Gentili’s Theory of Association in Context”. Comments by Professor Kinch Hoekstra (Berkeley)

4-5:30PM: Signy Gutnick Allen (UZH): “A Title to Another’s Plenty: Rights of Charity in Locke’s Political Thought”. Comments by Dr Tim Stuart-Buttle (York)

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ERC Project The Just City

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Istituto Svizzero di Roma
Via Ludovisi, 48


Andreas Gyr

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