Russia’s War: Impact on Ukrainian Society and Caucasian Perspectives

9. décembre 2022 - 10:15 - 16:00

Friday, 9 December 2022, University of Zurich, room KOL-G-222

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Russia’s war against Ukraine has far-reaching implications for neighboring countries, Europe and the world. The consequences are being felt in humanitarian, economic, financial, political and security terms. The people of Ukraine are the main victims of the war. But the war impacts other countries and societies as well. In two panels in this workshop, we will explore the manifold consequences of the war for Ukrainian society, as well as taking perspectives from the South Caucasus into account.

10:00 Welcome Address & Introduction: Dunja Krempin (CEES)

10:15-12:45 Panel 1: Views from the Caucasus

Chair: Jeronim Perović (CEES)
Levan Kakhishvili (CEES): Russian Invasion of Ukraine and Politicized Reactions in Georgia
Yulia Kozlova (CEES): Analysis of Welfare Countries through Citizenship and State Capacity Perspective. The Case of Abkhazia
Tetiana Kyselova (URIS/Swisspeace): Impact of the Russian Invasion in Ukraine on Civil Society Dialogue in the South Caucasus
Mariam Shalvashvili (CEES): Living as the Other. The Politics of Citizenship and Migration in the Margins of the Georgian State
Agshin Umudov (CEES): Russia-Ukraine War. Azerbaijan’s Balanced Foreign Policy

14.15-16.00 Panel 2: The War and its Impact on Ukrainian Society

Chair: Nada Boškovska (CEES)
Marta Havryshko (URIS, University of Basel): Sexual Violence and Russian Military in Ukraine. From Two World Wars to Current Russia’s Invasion
Yevhenii Poliakov (University of St Andrews): Biographical Trajectories of Ukrainian Military Volunteers
Oleksandra Tarkhanova (University of St. Gallen): Forced Displacement in Ukraine. Understanding the Decision-Making Process

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Center for Eastern European Studies

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University of Zurich, room KOL-G-222
Karl-Schmid-Strasse 4
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