Il portale professionale svizzero per le scienze storiche

Professorship in history

The University of Zurich invites applications for a

professorship in the history of the first millennium in Asia and Europe (open rank).

The position should be filled by 1 August 2022. Depending on qualifications, the appointee will be hired as full / associate professor or as assistant professor with tenure track.

We invite applications from scholars with documented research interests in the domains of late antiquity and its entanglements across traditional period boundaries in the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Junior applicants should have completed their doctoral dissertation, while applicants to a senior position should also demonstrate substantial additional research and / or a second book on the history of the first millennium in Asia and Europe. Teaching experience is expected from all applicants. The University of Zurich is an equal opportunities employer and in particular strives to increase the percentage of women in leading positions. Therefore, qualified female researchers are explicitly encouraged to apply.

The languages of instruction are English and German. Non-German speaking candidates are expected to acquire a professional knowledge of German within the first three years of their appointment.

The closing date for applications is 1 October 2020.
For further information please contact Prof. Anne Kolb (


Datore di lavoro: 
Universität Zürich
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University of Zurich
Data di scadenza: 
1. Ottobre 2020