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Call for application: Postdoc fellowships

Program in Global History and Governance

Host Institution: Scuola Superiore Meridionale at the University of Naples Federico II, Napoli (Italy), www.ssm.unina.it
Program coordinator: Prof. Daniela Luigia Caglioti

Three 1-year (renewable up to 3 years) junior postdoc fellowships and three 1-year (renewable up to 3 years) senior postdoc fellowships are available at the Scuola Superiore Meridionale in Naples (Italy) for the academic year 2020-2021

Scholarship amount: € 30,000 (junior fellowship) – 40,000 (senior fellowship) per year. Extra research funds.

Starting date: Fall 2020
The research program studies the comparisons, connections and processes of globalization that have characterized different areas of the world since the first era of global imperialism. It does so by focusing on the relational dimension of historical processes, legal regimes and the organization of power; on the interconnections between economic, political, legal, cultural and social factors; and on circulation, exchange and interconnection of ideas, persons, institutions, legal cultures, political models, concepts, rights and goods on a global scale.
The areas and themes on which applicants may develop their projects are: European empires of the modern and contemporary age; States, wars and violence in the 19th and 20th centuries; History of slavery and forced labour; The legal heritage of Europe and its integration; Religions and the sacred in the modern and contemporary world; Conceptions and practices of citizenship; States, nations, languages, peoples, classes; Globalization of law.
Successful applicants are supposed to reside in Naples and are expected to organize and direct seminars for no more than 50 hours per year for the School’s undergraduate students.
More information is available at the following address: http://www.ssm.unina.it/en/global-history-and- governance/

Admission requirements:
Candidates for junior positions must hold a PhD completed no more than five years ago, an excellent command of English and possibly of a second or third language; candidates for senior positions must hold a PhD completed no more than ten years ago, an excellent command of English and possibly of a second or third language.
They must present a research project in a subject relevant to the research program.

Application deadline: June 30, 2020, 02:00 pm (CET)

Details and application forms are to be found at the following URL:
http://www.ssm.unina.it/en/2020/04/20/ssm-the-new-call-for-proposals-for... to-senior-phds/


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University of Naples Federico II
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30. Juin 2020
For further information, please contact Prof. Daniela Luigia (Gia) Caglioti, danielaluigia.caglioti@unina.it.