Das Schweizer Fachportal für die Geschichtswissenschaften

Post-doc Researcher

Academy of architecture of the Università Della Svizzera Italiana, Mendrisio

Call for Post-doc Researcher as of 1 October 2020

Title of the project
Migrations and development in mountain borderlands of Switzerland and Slovenia: a comparative perspective (18th – 20th centuries)

Description of the project
For further details please check: http://www.labisalp.arc.usi.ch/it/ricerche- corso
With regard to Switzerland, the project is divided into two sub-projects (two study areas):
Part A: Canton Ticino
Part B: Canton Neuchâtel

Prof. Luigi Lorenzetti

Your tasks
Realisation of a study on one of the two parts covered by the project. The position requires a 50% presence in order to work on the project and perform the tasks associated with it. The salary complies with the parameters of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).

Admission requirements
- PhD or equivalent qualification in history
- Good knowledge of Italian, French and English
- Archive research experience
- Experience in writing scientific articles and texts
- Good knowledge and use of standard computer programs (Word and Excel)

Your profile
- Interest in historical research and interdisciplinary approaches
- Spirit of cooperation with project’s partner researchers
- Availability to participate in the organisation of common activities with the Slovenian project partners
- Availability to participate in scientific conferences in Switzerland and abroad related to the project’s theme

Requested documents
- Educational qualifications
- Curriculum vitae
- References
- PhD thesis and list of publications, if available

To enquire about this position contact Luigi Lorenzetti (luigi.lorenzetti@usi.ch) or the human resources department.
Applications are to be submitted by email at: candidature.me@usi.ch no later than July 30th, 2020


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Accademia di architettura dell’Università della Svizzera Italiana
30. Juli 2020