Modern History (16th-19th Century)

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Spezialsammlungen Digital is a lose collection of highlights from the Special Colletions of the ETH-Library in Zurich, Switzerland. The postings will offer a comprehensive overview of our holdings. This weblog is also a vessel for newsworthy information about tours of the collections, exhibitions, new acquisitions and projects. he individual postings offer a comprehensive overview of our holdings.

State Archive of Bern


The State Archive contains the archival sources of the old city state of Bern (to 1798, excluding Aargau and Vaud), the Helvetic Cantons Bern and Oberland (1798-1803), the Canton of Bern (from 1803; Jura and District of Biel from 1815), and the Bernese state administration (from 1831).

University Library Bern - Map collections

The University Library Bern has an extensive collection of historic maps. Many of these maps, such as for example, the Ryhiner collection, Thomas Schoepf's maps of the area around Bern or Meyer-Weiss's Atlas of Switzerland are digitized and available online.

The Ryhiner Map Collection consists of maps, charts, plans and views from the 16th to the 18th century, covering the whole globe, most of them available online in high resolution.

Iron Library


The Library possesses the fundamental European literature on the subject of iron, numeros media on all aspects of the subject of iron.

The special collections of the Iron Library contain archives and bequests from the Swiss iron and steel industry, as well as maps, plans, pictures and drawings:

Codices Electronici Sangallenses (CESG) – Digital Library

The purpose of the "Codices Electronici Sangallenses" (Digital Abbey Library of St. Gallen) is to provide access to the medieval codices in the Abbey Library of St. Gallen by creating a virtual library. Each digitized manuscript is accompanied by the most recent available scholarly description.

Today, CESG forms one component of a larger successor project e-codices - the Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland.

Abbey Library of St. Gallen


The Abbey Library of Saint Gall has one of the most important collections of manuscripts in Switzerland.
The library holds numerous documents including incunabula, early prints, large collections dating from the 2nd half of 18th Century, as well as manuscripts of the late Humanism and Confessionalism periods.


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