Modern History (16th-19th Century)

Passe-Partout - International Bank of Printers' Ornaments

The aim of Passe-Partout is to make available to researchers in the field of book history an international database of printers' ornaments.

Built around archives of locally-provided data, Passe-Partout operates on the non-profit basis of exchange and cooperation.

All users can freely consult the database of ornaments and make use of the information they find.

Music inventory database 1500-1800

The Music inventory database 1500-1800 is an online resource created in the project Musical Repertoire in Swiss Collegiate and Monastic Churches of the Institute of Musicology of Fribourg University.

It brings together different catalogues of music collections from the past. Thus, it allows to browse and search library catalogues as they existed several centuries ago. It enables a better knowledge of the context of preserved sources and brings to light important information about sources or indeed whole music collections that no longer exist.

Every record is linked to the page (or pages) in the source carrying the relevant information.

Fondation de l'Hermitage


The Fondation de l’Hermitage is housed in a 19th-century residence and is devoted to holding temporary exhibitions on fine arts.

FreyNäpflin Foundation


Ruth and Anton Frey-Näpflin collected during 50 years paintings, sculptures and crafted objects.

The collection is mainly composed of works by the Old Masters, among them prominent representatives of the Dutch, Italian, French and German schools of the late 15th to 19th century. It also contains a significant number of important works from the 20th century.
The collection is composed of outstanding artists such as Peter Paul, Anthonis van Dyck, Filippino Lippi, Quentin Metsys and Hans Schäuffelein.

Tibet Museum - Alain Bordier Foundation


The Tibet Museum houses an important collection of Buddhist sculptures, paintings, and ritual objects. It consists of about three hundred objects, mainly originating from Tibet. Among the statues, however, are a number of objects that were manufactured in the ancient Buddhist cultures surrounding Tibet: rare Buddhist sculptures from Nepal, Kashmir, Swat, and other Himalaya regions, in addition to examples from Northern India and Burma (Myanmar).

Königsfelden Convent Church


The colourful church windows are among the highlights of Late Medieaval European glass-painting.
Illustrations of the glass windows are available online.

Fondation Toms Pauli


The Fondation Toms Pauli has as its mission the study, conservation and promotion of collections of textile art, both antique and modern, belonging to the State of Vaud.

The Foundation does not have yet any permanent display space. Nevertheless, it organises exhibitions in Swiss and foreign museums and publishes catalogues. The collections can be viewed during temporary exhibitions.

International Museum of the Reformation (IMR)


The International Museum of the Reformation (IMR) presents the history of the Reformation from its origins to the present, and the influent work of John Calvin in Geneva and abroad.

The Museum organises special exhibitions. The permanent collection shows the most important elements of the spiritual and cultural movement in the history of Protestantism.

The IMR contains unique objects, manuscripts, rare books, engravings, paintings and many other exhibits.

Patek Philippe Museum


The museum shows two important collections concerning the history of watches and of the watchmaking:
• The Antiques Collection: collection of Genevan, Swiss and European watches and enamels dating from the 16th to the early 19th century.
• The Patek Philippe Collection: watches designed and created by Patek Philippe since its foundation in 1839 up to the present day.

The museum also houses a library featuring more than 7,000 works on watchmaking and related subject-matter.

Museum of Fine Arts Bern


The Museum of Fine Arts Bern shows temporary exhibitions. Its collection comprises works from the Gothic era to the present and currently comprises over 4,000 paintings and sculptures as well as 48,000 drawings, prints, photographs, videos and films.


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