Modern History (16th-19th Century)

Eine Teiledition der Korrespondenz von Johann Jakob Scheuchzer (1672-1733)

Universität Bern
Institut für Kulturforschung Graubünden

Musée Jenisch Vevey


The second-largest art museum in the canton of Vaud, the Musée Jenisch Vevey has over the years acquired major collections of works on paper – prints and drawings from every period – which today account for more than 95% of its holdings. Specifically, there are 9'500 drawings, 35,000 prints and 1,300 paintings.

The temporary and semi-permanent exhibitions are thus devoted primarily to prints and drawings.

Repertorium Academicum Germanicum

Universität Bern
Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

Österreichisches Staatsarchiv

Amt für Kultur - Landesarchiv

Liechtensteinisches Landesarchiv

Amt für Kultur - Landesarchiv

Historische Rechtsquellen

Amt für Kultur - Landesarchiv

Swiss RISM - Répertoire International des Sources Musicales


The aim of the Swiss RISM is to inventory the largest number of musical sources and to make them accessible to the public.

Since its foundation the Swiss RISM branch has recorded systematically prints before 1800, collective prints of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries and other works about music, manuscripts after 1600 as well as prints of the 19th and 20th centuries.

RISM operates as a service. Projects are developed and implemented in collaboration with the institutions (libraries, archives, monasteries) that own the sources.

Law Sources Foundation of the Swiss Lawyers Society - Collection of Swiss Law Sources

Since 1898 the Swiss Lawyers Society edits a collection of law sources which had been created on Swiss territory up to 1798, the Collection of Swiss Law Sources. The Collection contains material from the early middle ages until early modern times (1798). Over 100 volumes, or more than 60,000 pages of source material and comments from all language regions of Switzerland have been published so far.

The Law Sources Foundation has digitized all volumes published so far and makes them available online.

Jewish Museum of Switzerland


The Museum presents objects of different forms and provenance. Its aims to Jewish customs and ceremonies. The exhibited items are grouped as follows:

Communal archives of Orsières


The archives contain parchment rolls, parchments, dating from 1228 to 1798, books, papers, the Judges’ Archives and some Notaries’ Minutes.


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