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Archives of Rural History (ARH) - Audio-visual documents relating to rural society

The web portal provides an insight into the variety of audio-visual source material contained in the archival collections catalogued by the Archives of Rural History. The digitised film material is arranged either by topic – such as "labour", "milk" or "animals" - or by specific institutions that have produced a significant number of films.

Urkunden und Akten des Klosters und des Oberamts Königsfelden (1308-1662)

Institution reference: 
Historisches Seminar der Universität Zürich
Staatsarchiv des Kantons Aargau

Quellenedition 1928-1950

Amt für Kultur - Landesarchiv

Quellenedition 1900-1930

Historischer Verein für das Fürstentum Liechtenstein, Amt für Kultur - Landesarchiv

Ballenberg - Swiss Open-Air Museum


The Swiss Opem-Air Museum Ballenberg presents typical Buildings homes and hamlets from virtually every part of Switzerland with authentic kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms from centuries past. About 100 rural houses and farm buildings provide architectural as well as socio-historical testimony to the everyday life and rural culture of the past. The farmsteads and houses are surrounded by gardens and fields set up according to historical models.

World Trade Organization - Library and Archives


The Library of the World Trade Organization specializes in economics, statistical and legal materials related to international trade. The Library holds monographs, periodicals, and current yearbooks. In addition, the Library is home to the GATT Archives.

Alliance Sud - Documentation and Resource Centre


The Alliance Sud maintains publicly accessible documentation centres in Bern and Lausanne. They are directed at everybody dealing with North- South relations and developing countries.

Library of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH-Bibliothek)


The library collects in the first place recent technical literature in all subjects of the ETH Zurich. ETH Library offers access to extensive resources, in large parts online available:
• Journals, newspapers since 17th century
• E-books, books: Rare Books Collection
• Archival holdings, documentations: ETH Zurich University Archives, Max Frisch Archive, Thomas Mann Archives

International Association for Alpine History (IAAH)


The International Association for Alpine History (IAAH) is a forum opened to scholars and academics working in universities, research centres, archives and museums. It also welcomes local and regional history students and enthusiasts, as well as anyone who cultivates a keen interest in Alpine history either directly or indirectly.


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