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Museo Vincenzo Vela


The Vincenzo Vela Museum is one of the most important artists' house-museums to have been erected in nineteenth-century Europe. Today the museum presents temporary exhibitions as well as permanent exhibitions with the following collections:

Watch Museum of Le Locle


The museum shows temporary and permanent exhibitions:
• Times of Time: comprehension and measurement of time
• Times of the Watch: technical evolution of watches from the Renaissance to our day
• Maurice Yves Sandoz: watches, jewelry, automatons and literary works of Sandoz
• Henri Jeanmaire: clocks and pieces of furniture
• Frédéric Savoye: Swiss and French clocks
• Alfred Huguenin: Neuchâtel clocks

Elysée Museum


The Musée de l’Elysée collections: include prints covering a wide variety of photographic processes from the 19th to the 21st century, from daguerreotypes to digital prints. The museum’s collections cover all the different uses of photography - artistic or documentary, photojournalism or studio portraits, amateur or professional, private albums and travel photography.

Castle of Gruyères


The tour of the castle offers a walk through eight centuries of architecture, history and culture: castle area, historical collection, paintings and special exhibitions.

Castle of Chillon


The halls and rooms show the history of the castle: underground (13th c.), halls and courtyards, chambre bernoise, Camera Domini (Duke of Savoy, 14th c.), chapel (14th c.), defenses (watchtowers, sentry walk, moat and turrets), Peter II of Savoy Room and Weapons room.

The castel presents some exhibitions too.

Bernisches Historisches Museum


The Bernisches Historisches Museum is one of the most important Museums of cultural history in Switzerland. Its collections of archaeology, cultural history and ethnography include approximately 500,000 objects dating from the Stone Age to the present and representing cultures from all over the world. The hydria from Grächwil, the Burgundian tapestries, the diptych from Königsfelden and a series of ethnographical objects as well as coins and medals are all internationally renowned.

Kunstmuseum Basel


The Kunstmuseum Basel’s collections comprise ca. 4,000 paintings, sculptures, videos, and works of installation art, as well as the ca. 300,000 drawings and prints from seven centuries held by the Kupferstichkabinett. The main focus is on paintings and drawings by artists active in the Upper Rhine region between 1400 and 1600 and of the 19th and 21st century.

Basel Museum of Ancient Art and Ludwig Collection


The Basel Museum of Ancient Art and Ludwig Collection has an outstanding collection of Egyptian, Greek, Italic, Etruscan and Roman art. The permanent exhibition includes the following divisions:

  • Egypt
  • Greek vases
  • Greek and Roman sculptures
  • Orient, Cyprus and early Greece

The museum organizes special exhibitions. Information on past exhibitions are available online.

Swiss Literary Archives (SLA)

The Swiss Literary Archives (SLA) were officially inaugurated at the Swiss National Library in Bern in early 1991.

The SLA assembles documents connected to the literature of all four linguistic regions of Switzerland: French, German, Italian and Romansh, with particular emphasis on the 20th and 21st centuries. The Literary Archives hold today some 100 complete fonds and 120 partial fonds and collections.

There are several ways of looking for SLA documents. An alphabetical list of fonds and archives in the SLA is available, and the fonds are indexed in the online database HelveticArchives.

Furthermore the SLA oversee many important music manuscripts.

Werner Oechslin Library Foundation


The Werner Oechslin Library in Einsiedeln is a reference library that assembles source texts on architectural theory and related areas in original editions extending from the 15th to the 20th century.


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