Auxiliary Resources for Historical Science

Litlink - Knowledge Management System

Litlink is a knowledge management system for scholars of history, of cultural studies, and the social sciences. Litlink enables the sophisticated and detailed management and linking of data in the following areas: literature, archives, pictures, people, periodicals, audiovisual media, websites, events, places and physical objects.

Litlink categorises the data in (inter alia) index tabs and projects; it displays all data in an associative manner, making the various links between the data visible at a glance. Litlink enables the planning and organisation of the scientific work process through to the composition of rough drafts connected with “projects”, as well as the display and export of data in a great variety of pre-formatted quotation styles.

All Litlink data are continually verified and synchronised with data on the Internet. Bibliographical data can be taken directly from library catalogues. In addition, Litlinkweb enables the synchronisation of local data with a personalized web-application, making it possible to work with Litlink on the web as well as locally.

Register of Swiss Surnames

The Register of Swiss Surnames offers a comprehensive alphabetical listing of all the families holding citizenship in a Swiss community.

Each entry contains information on the place of origin (i.e. community of citizenship), time of naturalisation as well as previous place or country of origin. This site offers free access to some 48'500 entries, as compiled in the third edition of the "Familiennamenbuch der Schweiz" (Schulthess Polygraphischer Verlag, Zurich 1989).

Passe-Partout - International Bank of Printers' Ornaments

The aim of Passe-Partout is to make available to researchers in the field of book history an international database of printers' ornaments.

Built around archives of locally-provided data, Passe-Partout operates on the non-profit basis of exchange and cooperation.

All users can freely consult the database of ornaments and make use of the information they find.

Swiss Inventory of Coin Finds (SICF) - Dictionary online

The SICF has compiled a database of numismatic terms in four languages (German – French – Italian – English), which can be searched online.

Swiss National Library (NL) - Digitized pictures

The Swiss National Library (NL) has digitized many pictures from the collections of its Prints and Drawings Department and Swiss Literary Archives and makes them available in its online database HelveticArchives.

The images can be search easily thanks to the Search function (Field search can be limited to «Images available online») und the Image overview function.

The images come from several collections, among which:

  • Postcard photographs of landscapes and localities from various cantons, from the collections of the Print and Drawings Departement (classification GS-AK-ANSI-CH)
  • the Federal Archives of Historical Monuments' photographic collection, for instance postcards from the publisher Photoglob-Wehrli (EAD-PHAL) or photographs from the Rudolf Zinggeler archives (EAD-ZING)
  • photographs made by Swiss writer Annemarie Schwarzenbach (SLA-Schwarzenbach: A-5 Fotoordner, E-5 Fotoportraits)
  • graphical works (drawings and paintings) of writer Friedrich Dürrenmatt (SLA-FD-A-Bi)
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