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Swiss National Museum - Online collection

The online collection is a presentation platform of the collections of the Swiss National Museum.

Descriptions of the collection areas as well as images of numerous collection highlights and additional collection objects are available online.

Bellinzona UNESCO World Heritage

Bellinzona's castles are considered amongst the finest examples of medieval fortification architecture in Switzerland. The website "Bellinzona UNESCO World Heritage" offers a detailed description of the history as well as the castles and walls of Bellinzona.
In addition to that, scenes of medieval Bellinzona, executed by Bardo Carugo and based on reconstructions of the engineer Guiseppe Weith, are presented and described.

Morat Museum


The permanent exhibition shows 6,000 years of history of the town of Murten and the region over five floors. The objects tell their stories and those of the people of different ages:

• Cites lake Neolithic and Bronze Age
• Celts and Romans
• Living and working in the medieval town
• Morat dependent Berne and Fribourg
• Entry into modernity

A multimedia show recounts the events of the memorable battle of Morat.

National Museum Zurich


In addition to special exhibitions, the National Museum Zurich presents permanent exhibitions concerning the following thematic areas:

Laténium - Park and Museum of Archaeology of Neuchâtel


Permanent Exhibition: "Yesterday... Between the Mediterranean and the North sea" - 500 centuries of regional and European history. The Museum houses a rich collection of Celtic archaeology, but also exhibits from older (Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age) and more recent (Roman and Medieval) periods.

Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO) - "Swiss Statistics"


The web portal "Swiss Statistics“ proposes a wide range of statistical information on the most important areas of life: population, health, economy, employment, education and much more.

The topical and historical statistical information can be investigated by subjects or regions (cantons and states).

Swiss Federal Archives (SFA) - Selected topics

The Swiss Federal Archives (SFA) provide in-depth historical information and research tips on selected current topics or topics which are frequently sought after. Selected topics are:

Family History
Emigration and immigration
Homeless and travellers in Switzerland
Enforced welfare measures in Switzerland
The State authorities
The Old Swiss Confederacy
Modern Switzerland
Foreign policy since 1848
The history of the Swiss Army
Intelligence services and state security
Other themes in the history of Switzerland
The First World War in Switzerland
Second World War
The Swiss economy between market and state
History of transport
Special documents
Photos, plans, film and audio

State Archive of Bern


The State Archive contains the archival sources of the old city state of Bern (to 1798, excluding Aargau and Vaud), the Helvetic Cantons Bern and Oberland (1798-1803), the Canton of Bern (from 1803; Jura and District of Biel from 1815), and the Bernese state administration (from 1831).

State Archives Zug - Online catalogue of the archive library

In the online catalogue can be accessed all titles of the scientific archive library of the State Archives Zug.


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