History of Switzerland

Swiss National Museum - Virtual Transfer

The Virtual Transfer is a site for interactive stories about the objects of the Swiss National Museum. Historical and fictional witnesses present their views and paint a lively portrait of Swiss history.

Swiss National Museum


The permanent exhibitions present Swiss cultural history from its beginnings to the present, and give an insight into Swiss identity and the rich tapestry of Swiss history and culture. Temporary exhibitions on current topics add to the experience.

National Museum Zurich


In addition to special exhibitions, the National Museum Zurich presents permanent exhibitions concerning the following thematic areas:

Museum of Design Zurich


The Museum of Design Zurich is a museum for design and visual communication, covering fields including design, furniture, textiles, fashion, jewellery, applied arts, graphics, typography, photography, new media, book art, posters, film and design in intermediate areas, but also architecture, stage design, interior design and public spaces.

The museum shows objects of the following collections in temporary exhibitions:

Library of the Kunsthaus Zurich - Online Catalogue

The online catalog of the Library of the Kunsthaus Zurich contains all media acquired since 1997. In addition the following stocks are included completely in the online catalog:

Library of the Kunsthaus Zurich


The Library of the Kunsthaus Zurich is a special library for modern art. The collection profile is focused on publications about art from the 19th to the 21st century.

The library contains the following special collections:

Kunsthaus Zürich


The Kunsthaus presents one of the most important art collections of Switzerland (of the 15th century to the present) and organises temporary exhibitions.

Haus Konstruktiv


The Haus Konstruktiv shows constructive, concrete and conceptual art and its historical background in temporary exhibitions.

The "Rockefeller Dining Room", one of the central works of the collection, is on permanent display.

In parallel to the exhibitions, the museum regularly organises lectures and artist talks. Besides, it maintains a library with publications on the constructive art.

Kellenberger Clock and Watch Collection


Divided into sections according to themes, and equipped with explanatory texts on the history of timekeeping, the exhibition invites to participate in a voyage through time. This journey leads past early instruments of astronomical observation, to sundials and sand glasses, mechanical clocks, sumptuous artistic clocks and rocket watches and on to electrical timekeepers.

Museum of Applied Arts and Design Winterthur


The special exhibitions deal with the intersection of art, crafts, design and industrial production. The Museum features all facets of design from artistic objects to everyday utensils, gives insight into the history and theory of objects and materials, and it introduces to new and traditional technologies of design and graphic production.


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