Carolingian Culture at Reichenau & St. Gall

This website presents digital versions of the Plan of St. Gall and the ninth-century library collections of the monasteries of Reichenau and St. Gall.

The St. Gall Monastery Plan is the earliest preserved and most extraordinary visualization of a building complex produced in the Middle Ages. Ever since the Plan was created at the monastery of Reichenau in the period 819-26 A.D., it has been preserved in the Monastic Library of St. Gall.

This site will provide access to the results of a long-term project of creating an extensive data base to aid research into the Plan and Carolingian monastic culture. Besides a variety of digital representations of the Plan itself, the site includes a graphic representation of how the Plan was physically made, detailed information on each of the elements of the Plan, and transcriptions and translations of its inscriptions. In addition, the site contains resources for understanding the material culture context of the Plan. A series of extensive data bases include one presenting physical objects found across Europe that add to our understanding of Carolingian monasticism, one devoted to the terminology of Carolingian material culture, descriptions of all known Carolingian religious edifices, and an extensive bibliography on both the Plan itself and Carolingian monastic culture generally.

Swiss Federal Archives - Online Research

The Online Research offers an overview of the available documents in the Swiss Federal Archives. With a full text search, an archive plan search or a field search it is possible to research the fonds even on dossier level.

The fonds overview for Federal State since 1848 affords an additional thematically organised overview.

Fotomuseum Winterthur - Collection Online

The Fotomuseum Winterthur makes a part of its collection accessible online.

The works of some 300 individual photographers can be explored by browsing the index of artists and titles, or using the full-text search facility to find information about the artists and their techniques and to read commentated descriptions of the works in the collection.

Swiss Inventory of Coin Finds (SICF) - Archives online

Many original coin finds are today no longer available. By order of the SICF the archives of the Historical and Antiquarian Society of Basle (HAG), the Zentralbibliothek Zürich and the Antiquarian Society of Zurich (AGZ) have been searched for references to coin finds.

The relevant sources have been transcribed, recorded and are available in the database Archives online.

Zurich Paracelsus Project

The Paracelsus Project collects the microfilms of important manuscripts of Theophrastus of Hohenheim (1493/94-1541), called Paracelsus, records the texts electronically an analyses them according to various criteria.

The project focuses on the reedition of selected medical, theological, prophetic, and magical works of Paracelsus, the creation of a general index to the complete works and the compilation of a Paracelsus Dictionary as a reference source.

Several editions of the works have been digitized and made available online.

International Labour Office (ILO) - Oral History Project

The International Labour Office (ILO) leads a bank of oral histories, drawing on the knowledge and memories of former ILO staff and constituents on the ILO and its work. Key figures who worked with/for the ILO will be interviewed and the outcomes transcribed and made available in a central data base.

e-codices - Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland

The goal of e-codices is to provide access to the medieval manuscripts of Switzerland via a virtual library.

On the e-codices site, complete digital reproductions of the manuscripts are linked with corresponding scholarly descriptions. Our aim is to serve not only manuscript researchers, but also interested members of the general public.

Selects - Swiss Electoral Studies

Selects is an electoral research project of several political science departments of Swiss universities that started in 1995. Thanks to Selects electoral studies in Switzerland have has reached a high level of continuity. It has also been possible to constantly include innovative new research questions.

Since the project’s start in 1995, electoral studies in Switzerland have reached a high level of continuity while constantly including innovative new research questions.

The Selects project created a series of datasets allowing long term comparison. The studies and data are available online.

Swiss National Bank - Publications

The Swiss National Bank allocates online publications to the following subjects:

Cartographia Rappersviliana Polonorum - Old Maps of Poland

Under the title Cartographia Rappersviliana Polonorum, the Polish museum in Rapperswil offers a collection of historic mapsof Poland, some of its cities and neighbouring countries.


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