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Selects - Swiss Electoral Studies

Selects is an electoral research project of several political science departments of Swiss universities that started in 1995. Thanks to Selects electoral studies in Switzerland have has reached a high level of continuity. It has also been possible to constantly include innovative new research questions.

Since the project’s start in 1995, electoral studies in Switzerland have reached a high level of continuity while constantly including innovative new research questions.

The Selects project created a series of datasets allowing long term comparison. The studies and data are available online.

Münchhausen Library

The Münchhausens library documents the phenomenon Münchhausen for the time of 1760 till today.

It intends to unite publications into as many languages as possible, to get hold of original editions of the early time and to the literary sources and to provide evidence of the treatment of the material in different media.

There exists none publicly accessible catalogue. Now and then appear lists of branches on the website.

Swiss Research Portal

The is a joint portal between several Swiss universities as well as the ETH Zurich. It connects research data of each university and of the ETH Zurich on a common interface. This enables to simultaneously search for research projects in all databases.

ARAMIS information system of the Swiss Federal Administration

The ARAMIS information system contains information regarding research, development and evaluation projects of the Swiss Federal Administration.

It is intended, Government and Parliament willing, to provide information to interested parties about the research projects funded or implemented by the Swiss Confederation, as well as to improve coordination and establish transparency.

ARAMIS is equipped with a search engine that can be used to search for all public projects in the ARAMIS database.

Project database of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

This data base contains the research projects and other subsidies in all disciplines supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) since 1975.

A search engine allows a detailed search of the database contents (it is also possible to limit the search to historical subjects).

eikones - NCCR Iconic Criticism. The Power and Meaning of Images

The central questions of the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) "Iconic criticism. The Power and Meaning of images" which all partial projects connect are: How do pictures generate meaning – in the sciences, in everyday life, in the arts? What does influence them and how do they exert influence? Where is their very own, unreplaceable power?

Attempts to the clarification of these open questions come from the humanities as well as from the natural and technological sciences. The NCCR attempts to build bridges between the disciplines, within the leading university of Basel, as well as between different Swiss and international universities, institutions of higher education, research institutes, museums and collections. The website informs about the objectives, the individual modules, as well as the team of the scientists involved. Moreover, the website offers publication lists and a calendar of events.

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (DDS)


The Dodis Internet Database allows free virtual access to a large number of documents which are available as digital source material. It also provides a wealth of information on Swiss and international personalities and organizations who were active in post-war foreign policies.

The DDS make available online pictures of major international events between 1945 and 1973.

Department of History of the University of Zurich - Research Database

This database contains information on research projects at the History Department of the University of Zurich.


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