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Parliamentary History

The website Parliamentary History highlights a few remarkable events in the history of the Swiss federal state since 1848. These events are grouped in three categories: (Parliament) Building, Politics and Stories. There is a short text for each event. For more detailed information, there are usually further links to photos, film documents and other resources from the internet.

Library and Research Service of the ICRC - Photos

The Library & Research Service of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) handles photo requests and orders from users both inside and outside the organization. It contains documents covering ICRC operations and conflicts from the 1850s to the present day. Some photograph collections are available online.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) - Library and Research Service


The Library and Research Service is a public resource offering documents on international humanitarian law, humanitarian work and ICRC activities.

eikones - NCCR Iconic Criticism. The Power and Meaning of Images

The central questions of the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) "Iconic criticism. The Power and Meaning of images" which all partial projects connect are: How do pictures generate meaning – in the sciences, in everyday life, in the arts? What does influence them and how do they exert influence? Where is their very own, unreplaceable power?

Attempts to the clarification of these open questions come from the humanities as well as from the natural and technological sciences. The NCCR attempts to build bridges between the disciplines, within the leading university of Basel, as well as between different Swiss and international universities, institutions of higher education, research institutes, museums and collections. The website informs about the objectives, the individual modules, as well as the team of the scientists involved. Moreover, the website offers publication lists and a calendar of events.

Swiss National Bank - Biographical profiles

The Biographical profiles contain information on the professional and political careers of the Swiss National Bank Council and all of the members of its Governing Board, together with a photograph in all cases.

ETH-Bibliothek - E-Pics (Online image archive)

E-Pics is a research portal in the pictures collections of the Swiss federal institute of technology Zurich (ETH). The various catalogues comprise photo archives and photographers’ personal papers, as well as images on university life, from the natural sciences, the history of science and technology, scientific photography and many other topics.

The digital records can be researched by the following catalogues:

Swiss National Library (NL) - Digitized pictures

The Swiss National Library (NL) has digitized many pictures from the collections of its Prints and Drawings Department and Swiss Literary Archives and makes them available in its online database HelveticArchives.

The images can be search easily thanks to the Search function (Field search can be limited to «Images available online») und the Image overview function.

The images come from several collections, among which:

  • Postcard photographs of landscapes and localities from various cantons, from the collections of the Print and Drawings Departement (classification GS-AK-ANSI-CH)
  • the Federal Archives of Historical Monuments' photographic collection, for instance postcards from the publisher Photoglob-Wehrli (EAD-PHAL) or photographs from the Rudolf Zinggeler archives (EAD-ZING)
  • photographs made by Swiss writer Annemarie Schwarzenbach (SLA-Schwarzenbach: A-5 Fotoordner, E-5 Fotoportraits)
  • graphical works (drawings and paintings) of writer Friedrich Dürrenmatt (SLA-FD-A-Bi)

Swiss Poster Collection

The Swiss Poster Collection contains posters created by Swiss and foreign graphic artists. It proposes pictorial records of Swiss and European culture from the end of the 19th century to the present in various domains, notably tourism, exhibits, advertisement, cultural events, sports and politics.

The posters described in the catalogue are held in the collections of the Swiss National Library (NL), the Library of Geneva (BGE), the Wallis Mediathek, and the Museum of transports Luzern.

BM Archives-Basel Mission/mission 21

The online collections of the Basel Mission Archives provides access to a wide range of visual and cartographic sources: images, maps, sketches, plans and catalogue entries.

The sources are particulary related to the main geographical areas of activity of the Basel Mission in Africa an Asia with a focus on Ghana, Cameroon, India, China and Kalimantan. The documents were mainly produced between 1815 and 1945.

The holdings can be searched by different searching tools.

Archives of SBB Historic

The catalogues of the historical archive, the photo archive as well as of the poster and art collections are online now. There are over 500'000 records and more than 10'000 images available.


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