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Fondation Jacques-Edouard Berger - World Art Treasures


Jacques-Edouard Berger has brought back over 100,000 pictures for the purpose of courses or lectures from Europe, the United States, Egypt, China, India, Japan, Burma, Laos and Thailand.

Some of the images, courses and conferences have been posted on the website of the foundation.

The site also offers a Timeline of the history of art with some of its most important figures.

Passe-Partout - International Bank of Printers' Ornaments

The aim of Passe-Partout is to make available to researchers in the field of book history an international database of printers' ornaments.

Built around archives of locally-provided data, Passe-Partout operates on the non-profit basis of exchange and cooperation.

All users can freely consult the database of ornaments and make use of the information they find.

Foundation E.G. Bührle Collection - Works

Descriptions and pictures of numerous works of the E.G. Bührle Collection are available online.

The works can be investigated by a list of artists, liste of styles or by a search engine.

House of Elsewhere


The House of Elsewhere is a museum dedicated to science fiction, utopia and extraordinary journeys.

Every year the House presents in two or three exhibitions parts of its collection with about 70'000 objects. It also presents expositions outdoors.


Fotomuseum Winterthur - Collection Online

The Fotomuseum Winterthur makes a part of its collection accessible online.

The works of some 300 individual photographers can be explored by browsing the index of artists and titles, or using the full-text search facility to find information about the artists and their techniques and to read commentated descriptions of the works in the collection.

Elysée Museum


The Musée de l’Elysée collections: include prints covering a wide variety of photographic processes from the 19th to the 21st century, from daguerreotypes to digital prints. The museum’s collections cover all the different uses of photography - artistic or documentary, photojournalism or studio portraits, amateur or professional, private albums and travel photography.

Museum of Communication


The museum presents temporary exhibitions and also a permanent exhibition:

Lifelong communication: The Museum of Communication in Bern has always centred on communication in its various facets. The extensive collections of the museum, from the stagecoach to the first Swiss computer to future means of communication cannot be seen in isolation but recount stories of developments, breakdowns and visions of the future.

Swiss Museum of Transport - Collection online

The Swiss Museum of Transport presents parts of its collections in an online database.

Fotostiftung Schweiz - Archives and Estates

The Fotostiftung Schweiz administrates the archives and estates of numerous photographers. The estates consist of more or less complete negative archives, original prints, contact prints, publication items and documents. A list of the holdings as well as descriptions of the already arranged holdings are online available.

Fotostiftung Schweiz


The Fotostiftung Schweiz administrates the archives and estates of numerous photographers.
Collection: Swiss photography from 1930s to 1950s, international photography, unique photographic documents of the Warsaw ghetto by Roman Vishniac, original prints by Lucien Clergue from the 1950s. Various deposita form the Swiss Confederation. Collection of the Friends of the Fotostiftung Schweiz (international historical masterpieces). And other collections.

A list of the holdings is available online, with descriptions and biographical information on the photographs.


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