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Library Network of Western Switzerland (RERO) - Free e-Journals

This database offers a list of online journals accessible for free. The list is not limited to historic journals.

Library and archives of the World Council of Churches (WCC) - Online inventories

The inventories of the following holdings of the library and archives of the World Council of Churches (WCC) are online available in the PDF format:

  • Archives of the World Council of Churches in formation (1938-1948)
  • Archives of the World Council of Churches, as from 1948 (Correspondence of the General Secretariat, Assemblies, Central and Executive Committees, Divisions, Departments, Secretariats and Programmes)
  • Faith and Order, from 1910
  • Life and Work, from 1925
  • World Alliance for Promoting Friendship through the Churches (1906-1948)
  • International Missionary Council (1910-1961)
  • World Student Christian Federation, from the end of the 19th century
  • Programme to Combat Racism
  • Ecumenical Commission for the Chaplaincy Service to Prisoners of War
  • Relations with the Roman Catholic Church
  • Christian Medical Commission
  • Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People (CCJP)

Federal Councillors since 1848

This website provides information on the federal councillors since 1848:

  • term of office
  • election results
  • short biography
  • departments, etc.

The page also provides access to Presidents and vice-presidents of the Confederation, Heads of Departement and Members of the Federal Council who declined the election.

DARIS - Data and Research Information Services of FORS

The Data and Research Information Services DARIS of the Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences (FORS) serves as a national resource center for research and teaching in the social sciences.

The unit maintains a comprehensive and up-to-date inventory of social science research projects in Switzerland.

In addition, the Data Services Archive Section is responsible for acquiring, processing, storing, and disseminating significant data files and metadata produced in the country.

The data can be researched by the means of a an online data catalogue.

Printed books of the 15th and 16th centuries in Geneva, Lausanne and Neuchâtel (GLN 15-16)

GLN 15-16 is a bibliography of books published in the 15th and 16th centuries in the cities of Geneva, Lausanne and Neuchâtel, plus the city of Morges. As of that date, the database contains 4'732 entries.

Project database of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

This data base contains the research projects and other subsidies in all disciplines supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) since 1975.

A search engine allows a detailed search of the database contents (it is also possible to limit the search to historical subjects).


HelveticArchives is the online database maintaining the archival collections of the Swiss National Library (NL). Die Datenbank enthält Angaben zu den Beständen der Graphischen Sammlung (GS) und des Schweizerischen Literaturarchivs (SLA). Tne Catalog contains the collections of the Prints and Drawings Department and of the Swiss Literary Archives (SLA).

In Helveticarchives you can currently find portrait photographs of important Swiss personalities as well as photographs of landscapes and localities from various Swiss cantons, historical photographs from The Federal Archives of Historical Monuments (FAHM) and pictures from the photo collection of Annemarie Schwarzenbach.

HelveticatArchives includes also the Index of manuscript collections held in libraries and archives in Switzerland and the ISplus database, which contains a wide range of information on Swiss heritage institutions (Archives, Libraries and Museums) listed by canton in alphabetical order.


SwissInfoDesk is a link collection that simplifies search for information about Switzerland. Information and documentation specialists at the Swiss National Library (NL) have selected and commented the links.

Links are gathered by sub-topics and are described with a brief commentary. In the index, you can search keywords that drive you directly to the topic you are looking for.

The areas of interest contain the following subjects:

  • Swiss history
  • Swiss literature
  • Swiss Art
  • library and information sciences

The website also provides a new alert service, and an order form for individualized research.

Helveticat - Online Catalogue of the Swiss National Library

Helveticat is the online catalogue (OPAC) of the Swiss National Library (NL). This online catalogue lists all monographs, music scores, microforms, multimedia, maps, atlases, newspapers, periodicals and annuals, as well as a number of periodicals collected at the NL.

Helveticat is also accessible via CHVK (Swiss Virtual Catalogue).

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (DDS) - Database Dodis

Dodis is the online database of the Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (DDS). It contains comprehensive information about documents, people, organisations, geographic names and bibliographical references concerning the foreign-policy of Switzerland.

The DDS are a research project aiming to edit key documents on Swiss foreign relations. The DDS provide researchers and practitioners with official sources in printed and digitalised form which are necessary to reconstruct and gain an understanding of the history of Swiss foreign policy.

Dodis - in addition to the printed edition - allows for free access to a large number of digitalised documents. Moreover, it contains a vast amount of information on people (Swiss and foreign) and organisations that were active in the field of foreign policy.


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