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Electronic Dissertations at the University of St. Gallen (EDIS)

In EDIS the electronically published theses of the University of St. Gallen are online available.

The theses can be investigated with a full text search or be sorted by to author, title and subject.

Swiss Federal Archives (SFA) - Fonds overview

The fonds overview gives a systematic account of all pertinence fonds and sub-fonds of the Swiss Federal Archives (SFA) since 1848.

Swiss Literary Archives (SLA)

The Swiss Literary Archives (SLA) were officially inaugurated at the Swiss National Library in Bern in early 1991.

The SLA assembles documents connected to the literature of all four linguistic regions of Switzerland: French, German, Italian and Romansh, with particular emphasis on the 20th and 21st centuries. The Literary Archives hold today some 100 complete fonds and 120 partial fonds and collections.

There are several ways of looking for SLA documents. An alphabetical list of fonds and archives in the SLA is available, and the fonds are indexed in the online database HelveticArchives.

Furthermore the SLA oversee many important music manuscripts.

ARAMIS information system

The ARAMIS information system contains information regarding research, development and evaluation projects of the Swiss Federal Administration.

It is intended, Government and Parliament willing, to provide information to interested parties about the research projects funded or implemented by the Swiss Confederation, as well as to improve coordination and establish transparency.

ARAMIS is equipped with a search engine that can be used to search for all public projects in the ARAMIS database.

State Archives of Canton Bern - Online Inventory

This online inventory of the archives of Canton Bern offers full-text search, search by specific field and navigation through the hierarchical structure of the archives.

Internet Clearinghouse Switzerland (ICH) - Swiss libraries virtual information platform

The Internet Clearing House as virtual reference tool provides an overview of the services, collections, cultural activities, projects, electronic publications, course and training offers of the Swiss libraries. In the current form it is classified both geographically and thematically.

PANORAMA: inventories of communal archives in the canton of Vaud before 1961

The database Panorama offers access to the inventories of communal archives in the canton of Vaud. The oldest inventory dates from 1401.
There are different search modes (full text, field, archiv plan, descriptor).

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries - Products

The Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries makes an online-overwiew about his products (databases, e-books, electronic journals and other e-textes) with detailed informations available.

Parliamentary History

The website Parliamentary History highlights a few remarkable events in the history of the Swiss federal state since 1848. These events are grouped in three categories: (Parliament) Building, Politics and Stories. There is a short text for each event. For more detailed information, there are usually further links to photos, film documents and other resources from the internet.


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