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IDS Basel Bern Catalog

The online catalogue of the library network of Basel and Bern contains titles coming from 200 libraries of the colleges of higher education of Basel and of Bern.

ETH-Bibliothek - Einstein Online

Albert Einstein studied from 1896 until 1900 at the Federal Polytechnic Institute in Zurich, and was professor of theoretical physics from 1912 until 1914.

The ETH-Bibliothek possesses original correspondence to and from Albert Einstein and some image documents. Papers and other official documents concerning the following domains can be viewed online:

Archives of SBB Historic

The catalogues of the historical archive, the photo archive as well as of the poster and art collections are online now. There are over 500'000 records and more than 10'000 images available.

Fribourg Library Network - Digital Catalog

This catalog is one of the regional catalog of the
Library Network of Western Switzerland (RERO).

The catalog contains all documents acquired since 1985 and previous publications, more than 1 million documents owned by the University Library of Freiburg and their associated libraries. The catalog also provides access to digital documents such as electronic journals, images, and collections of historical sources.

Documents that were acquired before 1985 and not included in the catalog of the Freiburg Library Network can be found in the old card catalog.

Swiss National Sound Archives - Online Catalog

The online catalog documents the Swiss sound heritage (Helvetica) preserved in the archives of the Swiss National Sound Archives. The following types of search are possible:

  • Simple search: search Google-style or by name, title, subject
  • Advanced search: specify and associate particular search criteria
  • Topic search: browse search for spoken documents (conferences, interviews, theatrical performances, audio books, ...)


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