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Foundation E.G. Bührle Collection - Works

Descriptions and pictures of numerous works of the E.G. Bührle Collection are available online.

The works can be investigated by a list of artists, liste of styles or by a search engine.

Library of the Kunsthaus Zurich - Online Catalogue

The online catalog of the Library of the Kunsthaus Zurich contains all media acquired since 1997. In addition the following stocks are included completely in the online catalog:

Museum of Communication


The museum presents temporary exhibitions and also a permanent exhibition:

Lifelong communication: The Museum of Communication in Bern has always centred on communication in its various facets. The extensive collections of the museum, from the stagecoach to the first Swiss computer to future means of communication cannot be seen in isolation but recount stories of developments, breakdowns and visions of the future.

Repertorium academicum germanicum (RAG) - The Graduated Scholars of the Holy Roman Empire between 1250 and 1550

The website of the research project Repertorium academicum germanicum (RAG) - The Graduated Scholars of the Holy Roman Empire between 1250 and 1550 offers information about the projects and the publications as well as a database with biographic information on the scholars of the Empire between 1250 and 1550 an the Atlas of Scholars.

The RAG’s task is to collect biographical and social data on those Theologians, Jurists, Physicians, and Masters of Arts, who studied at a university between 1250 and 1550. The information is entered into a prosopographic database that will eventually cover the whole of the Holy Roman Empire. Non-graduated noble visitors of universities are also being taken into account. The RAG, which in the end will be a “who is who” of the scholars of the Old Empire, offers divers new, even interdisciplinary, perspectives due to its vast collection of data. Qualitative and quantitative statements on the intellectual elite of the Empire, their European networks, as well as institutional and territorial comparisons will be possible. Thus the scholars' role in pre-modern society can be described on a firm empirical basis and explained within the framework of modern educational research, with special reference to social, cultural, and scientific history. 45.000 to 50.000 scholars are to be expected.

Swiss Inventory of Coin Finds (SICF) - Library online

With the Online library the holdings of the library of the Swiss Inventory of Coin Finds and the numismatic libarary of the Bernisches Historisches Museum can be researched.

Some articles and research reports are online available.

Swiss Inventory of Coin Finds (SICF) - Archives online

Many original coin finds are today no longer available. By order of the SICF the archives of the Historical and Antiquarian Society of Basle (HAG), the Zentralbibliothek Zürich and the Antiquarian Society of Zurich (AGZ) have been searched for references to coin finds.

The relevant sources have been transcribed, recorded and are available in the database Archives online.

Archives Online

Archives Online is a meta search portal for finding archival material in the participating archives. Archives Online searches publicly accessible metadata and documents in the linked online databases of the participating archives:

  • Archives of Contemporary History
  • Burgerbibliothek Bern
  • State Archives Basel-Stadt
  • State Archives Thurgau
  • State Archives Zug
  • State Archives Zurich
  • State Archives Bern
  • State Archives Graubünden
  • State Archives St. Gallen
  • State Archives Geneva

State Archives of Canton Bern - Online Inventory

This online inventory of the archives of Canton Bern offers full-text search, search by specific field and navigation through the hierarchical structure of the archives.

CERN Archive - Database and digitized documents

The database of the CERN archive facilitates on-line searches in the collections of the historical and scientific archive.

Digitized versions are available online for many items in the Wolfgang Pauli Archive, as well as for some of the documents in the main CERN Archive, such as the documents of the Council and Committee of Council or of the Scientific Policy Committee.


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