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Swiss RISM - Répertoire International des Sources Musicales


The aim of the Swiss RISM is to inventory the largest number of musical sources and to make them accessible to the public.

Since its foundation the Swiss RISM branch has recorded systematically prints before 1800, collective prints of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries and other works about music, manuscripts after 1600 as well as prints of the 19th and 20th centuries.

RISM operates as a service. Projects are developed and implemented in collaboration with the institutions (libraries, archives, monasteries) that own the sources.

State Archives Jura (ArJC) - Online Queries

The inventory of the State Archives Jura can be researched by full text search, by field search as well as by Archive plan search en ligne.

Law Sources Foundation of the Swiss Lawyers Society - Collection of Swiss Law Sources

Since 1898 the Swiss Lawyers Society edits a collection of law sources which had been created on Swiss territory up to 1798, the Collection of Swiss Law Sources. The Collection contains material from the early middle ages until early modern times (1798). Over 100 volumes, or more than 60,000 pages of source material and comments from all language regions of Switzerland have been published so far.

The Law Sources Foundation has digitized all volumes published so far and makes them available online.

arCHeco - Register of economic fonds preserved in archives of Switzerland and Liechtenstein

arCHeco gives an overview of historical business records preserved in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and offers an online directory of archival fonds of the private economy mostly held by public repositories. Further archival fonds of private enterprises, associations and state-run organisations are continuously added.

arCHeco can be searched by full text search, by browsing the list of all archival fonds or by browsing the list of all archival institutions.

arCHeco is a joint-project of the business archivists group of the Association of Swiss Archivists (VSA) and the Swiss Economic Archives (SWA).

State archives Valais - Online Search

ScopeArchiv database aims to gather and make available to users inventories and directories of inventories deposited in the Archives of the State of Valais.

Historical Archives of the (Swiss) PTT - Database scopeArchiv

Les documents des Archives des PTT figurent dans la banque de données accessible en ligne. La base permet de naviguer dans le plan de classement ou d'effectuer une recherche plein texte, une recherche dans un champ ou une recherche de descripteurs.
The documents of the historical Archives of the PTT are included in the database available online. The base is used to navigate in the classification plan or to search with a full text search tool, a search field tool or descriptors search tool.

Passe-Partout - International Bank of Printers' Ornaments

The aim of Passe-Partout is to make available to researchers in the field of book history an international database of printers' ornaments.

Built around archives of locally-provided data, Passe-Partout operates on the non-profit basis of exchange and cooperation.

All users can freely consult the database of ornaments and make use of the information they find.

Music inventory database 1500-1800

The Music inventory database 1500-1800 is an online resource created in the project Musical Repertoire in Swiss Collegiate and Monastic Churches of the Institute of Musicology of Fribourg University.

It brings together different catalogues of music collections from the past. Thus, it allows to browse and search library catalogues as they existed several centuries ago. It enables a better knowledge of the context of preserved sources and brings to light important information about sources or indeed whole music collections that no longer exist.

Every record is linked to the page (or pages) in the source carrying the relevant information.

MoneyMuseum - coin database

The pieces of the coin collection of the MoneyMuseum can be found by the coin database.
The collection can be searched according to the criteria region, title, time span, material or themes.
Illustrations and descriptions of the coin collection are available online.

Zentrum Paul Klee - Database Paul Klee

The Zentrum Paul Klee presents in an online database further information about its exhibitions, the exposed artists, life and work of Paul Klee as well as illustrations of the works of the collection.


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