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Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel (CDN)


The CDN presents a permanent exhibition devoted to Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s artistic oeuvre. Regularly, it mounts temporary exhibitions that tie in with the subjects that interested him as a writer and artist and organises colloquiums, roundtable discussions, lectures, encounters and other events.

Albrecht von Haller (1708-1777)

This website is intended to serve as a platform for all who are interested in Haller and his times.

It offers an abundantly illustrated introduction to Haller’s life and work, information about the principal fields of endeavour in which he was engaged, insights into past and present research, and an index of the large body of Haller’s original writings available online.

The Swiss polymath Albrecht von Haller (1708–1777) was one of the central figures of the century of the Enlightenment. As a poet and scholar, physician and botanist, collector and encyclopaedist, university professor and experimental researcher, society president and correspondent, renowned author and influential reviewer, magistrate and orthodox Christian, he reflects many of the intellectual movements, events, and conditions of his time.

Fondation Jacques-Edouard Berger - Photographies and courses online

The site of the foundation Jacques-Edouard Berger provides online part of the 100.000 images classified by countries and places and some courses (video) too on "Les grandes écoles de peinture" and "L'architecture et le sacré".

Fondation Jacques-Edouard Berger - World Art Treasures


Jacques-Edouard Berger has brought back over 100,000 pictures for the purpose of courses or lectures from Europe, the United States, Egypt, China, India, Japan, Burma, Laos and Thailand.

Some of the images, courses and conferences have been posted on the website of the foundation.

The site also offers a Timeline of the history of art with some of its most important figures.

Museum Hermann Hesse


A permanent exhibition shows Hermann Hesse's life in Montagnola. The personal belongings, photos, books and watercolour paintings reflect the writer's character, but also Hesse as a private person.

Numerous photos, illustrations and drawings from the exhibits are available in the online gallery.



The Henry-Dunant-Museum is dedicated to life and work of the founder of the Red Cross and first laureate of the peace Nobel price. Beside his political ideas and his commitment to philanthropy you can follow his last years in this region of Appenzell Ausserrhoden.

Swiss National Bank - Biographical profiles

The Biographical profiles contain information on the professional and political careers of the Swiss National Bank Council and all of the members of its Governing Board, together with a photograph in all cases.

ETH-Bibliothek - Einstein Online

Albert Einstein studied from 1896 until 1900 at the Federal Polytechnic Institute in Zurich, and was professor of theoretical physics from 1912 until 1914.

The ETH-Bibliothek possesses original correspondence to and from Albert Einstein and some image documents. Papers and other official documents concerning the following domains can be viewed online:

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