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CfP: Critical editions of sources on travel, mobility and exile from the Ancient to the contemporary age


For the third issue of the journal Viaggiatori, I viaggi politici in Europa, the editorial staff collects for the dossier “ Fonti “ critical editions of manuscripts or printed texts focusing on the themes of the third issue or on those of the journal: travel, mobility and exile from the Ancient to the contemporary age.

Journal Viaggiatori

Liberation Theology and the Other(s): Contextualizing Catholic Activism in 20 th Century Latin America


Throughout the past century, political activism within ecclesiastical spheres questioned and challenged both scholarly analysis and popular understanding of the Catholic Church in Latin America and beyond. Since the 1960s, accusations against – and the appraisal of – members of the progressive church, known as ‘red priests’, ‘marxista en sotana’, or ‘bishop of the indians’, can be found across the Americas.

University of Bern

Call of proposals for the Handschin-Prize 2018


Since 2007 the Swiss Society of Musicological Research (Schweizerische Musikforschende
Gesellschaft / Société Suisse de Musicologie) biannually awards the Handschin-Prize for junior researchers. The Handschin-Prize is endowed with 10’000 CHF. Since 2014 qualified candidates are invited to submit a proposal directly to the Society. The SMG/SSM will consider proposals by researchers having obtained their doctoral degree between 1.1.2016 - 31.12.2017 and

Institut für Musikwissenschaft

CfP: 5th Annual Conference of the International Federation for Public History

Sao Paolo

The International Federation of Public History is going South on its next Annual meeting, more precisely Southeast Brazil, in the fascinating city of São Paulo, one of the biggest metropoles worldwide. The home for the 5th Annual Conference is the University of São Paulo, Campus Leste (USP-Lest), in association with the 4th International Symposium of the Brazilian Network for Public History.

International Federation of Public History (IFPH)

CfP: Abbés seigneurs, abbés bâtisseurs (XIIIe siècle)


Appel à contributions:

Abbés seigneurs, abbés bâtisseurs (XIIIe siècle) - Autour de l’abbé Nantelme de Saint-Maurice d’Agaune (1224-1259)
Abbaye de Saint-Maurice, 25-26 octobre 2018

Suite à l’adoption en 1128 de la règle de saint Augustin, l’abbaye de Saint-Maurice a vécu une intense période de transformations temporelles et spirituelles dont l’acmé est traditionnellement situé sous l’abbatiat de Nantelme (1224-1259).

Bernard Andenmatten (Université de Lausanne,; Pierre Alain Mariaux (Université de Neuchâtel,; Laurent Ripart (Université de Savoie Mont-Blanc,, en collaboration avec l’

CfP: Protest! | Protestez!


Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte | Société suisse d’histoire économique et sociale

Protest! | Protestez!

Jahrestagung SGWSG | Journée annuelle SSHES
Universität Bern, 14. September 2018

Organisation: Caroline Arni, Delphine Gardey, Sandro Guzzi-Heeb

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte / Caroline Arni, Delphine Gardey, Sandro Guzzi-Heeb

CfP: Pop – Power – Positions


Global Relations and Popular Music 3rd IASPM D-A-CH Symposium

Bern (Schweiz), 18.-20. Oktober 2018

Universität Bern, Institut für Musikwissenschaft / Hochschule der Künste Bern, Forschungsschwerpunkt Interpretation / Norient – Netzwerk für lokale und globale Sounds und Medienkultur

Boom, Bust, and Beyond: New Perspectives on the 1719-1720 Stock Euphoria

11.04.2018 to 13.04.2018
Event category: 

Dear colleagues,

We are inviting papers for the conference

Boom, Bust, and Beyond: New Perspectives on the 1719-20 Stock Euphoria

That will take place at the University of Tübingen on 11-13 April 2018,
as part of the program of the Collaborative Research Center (923) “Threatened Order - Societies under Stress”.

The conference aims to bring together scholars working on the many aspects of the 1719-20 stock euphoria. It will provide a forum for discussing recent and ongoing research.


Event organizer: 
Stefano Condorelli (Bern), Renate Dürr (Tübingen), and Daniel Menning (Tübingen).

CfP: Associazione Italiana di Public History – Seconda Conferenza Nazionale


L’Associazione Italiana di Public History, convoca la Seconda Conferenza nazionale di Public History a Pisa dal 11 al 15 giugno 2018.

L’invito a partecipare è rivolto oltre che a storici e archeologi, anche a curatori di mostre e di musei, a archivisti e bibliotecari, a geografi e architetti, e più in generale a quanti operano nell’industria dei contenuti e in ambito creativo occupandosi di storia, come scrittori, giornalisti, artisti, registi, autori di teatro, di cinema e di documentari, musicisti, ma anche collezionisti e appassionati cultori di storia locale e non.

Associazione Italiana di Public History

CFP: Industriegeschichte «gerecht» ausstellen – wie geht das? Perspektiven einer geschlechter- und migrationshistorisch informierten Museumspraxis


Deadline: 16.02.2018

Die geschichtswissenschaftlich und museologisch orientierte Tagung über die Ausstellungspraxis zur Industriegeschichte findet im Rahmen der Sonderausstellung «Schreck & Schraube. Weltindustrie im Thurgau» statt. Das Historische Museum Thurgau zeigt diese Ausstellung vom 23. März bis 21. Oktober 2018 im Alten Zeughaus Frauenfeld und ist Gastgeber der Tagung. Der Call for Papers richtet sich an Geschichtsforschende sowie an Kultur- und Museumsschaffende auf dem Gebiet der Industrialisierung.

Historisches Museum Thurgau


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