Swiss National Sound Archives


The Swiss National Sound Archives is the official depository of audio records in Switzerland and its mission is the preservation of the audio heritage. The collecting activity of the Swiss National Sound Archives began in 1986. In January 2016 the foundation was dissolved and the Phonotheque was integrated with the Federal Office of Culture as "Swiss National Sound Archives Section" of the Swiss National Library (read more about the history of the archives)


The Swiss National Sound Archives collects, documents and makes available to the general public all the audio carriers that, because of their content, have a link with the history and culture of the country.

The collections contain: Products of the record industry; SUISA Deposit; Audio documents related to scientific research; Deposit of the Swiss National Library; Recordings of historical radio broadcasts (from 1932 up to about 1955).

An overview of the discographies/phonographies and of the fonds and collections are available online, as well as a catalogue. Furthermore, a Gallery presents more detailed and more in-depth information on specific topics.

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