Museum of Communication


In 1893 the Swiss Postal Administration began to collect objects and documents related to the postal and transportation systems as well as to philately. In 1907 the first Post Museum was established. In December 1996 the PTT-Museum was changed into a foundation. It was renamed the «Museum of Communication» in March 1997. History of the Museum of Communication


The museum is a competence centre, addressing questions concerning the social and cultural impact of communication and its technologies. The main focus of attention is on the relationship between communication and culture.


The museum presents temporary exhibitions and also a permanent exhibition:

Lifelong communication: The Museum of Communication in Bern has always centred on communication in its various facets. The extensive collections of the museum, from the stagecoach to the first Swiss computer to future means of communication cannot be seen in isolation but recount stories of developments, breakdowns and visions of the future.

Information about the following collections are available online:

  • Post & Transport
  • Philately
  • Telegraphy & Telephony
  • Radio & TV
  • Computer
  • Art

  • A large part of the objects in the museum are recorded in the Database Collection

    The Museum presents a Gallery of photos and images which can be freely downloaded for indication of sources.

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