Library of the Tibet Institute Rikon


The monastic Tibet Institute in Rikon was founded in the 1960s according to the wish and under the patronage of the 14th Dalai Lama. Today the Buddhist monastery and its Tibetan monastic community constitute a vital part of the cultural and religious life of Tibetans in Switzerland. In general, the Tibet Institute contributes to the exchange of culture and knowledge between East and West.


The Library of the Tibet Institute is a specialized scientific library open to the public. With over 12’000 titles, it is one of the world’s largest libraries of Tibetology.

Inventories :
Books (including rare items such as the original edition of Guiseppe Tucci’s Tibetan Painted Scrolls), separate prints (documenting the foundation and construction of the monastery and the Tibetan people in Switzerland), journals and newspapers in Tibetan language, films, audio recordings, collection of maps, press documentation, photographic documentation and private archives (Peter Lindegger, Friedrich Peter and Peter Kessler).

The collections of the library are available through a direct catalogue or through the Zurich University libraries Rechercheportal.

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Wildbergstrasse 10
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