Library and archives of the World Council of Churches (WCC)


The World Council of Churches (WCC) is a worldwide organisation gathering more than 300 Christian churches. The WCC was created in 1948. The ecumenical library was created in 1946 in Geneva, which became a research centre for ecumenical subjects. It also comprises the archives of the WCC.


The WCC libraries contain works concerning ecumenism, ecclesiology, mission studies, church history, interfaith dialogue, human rights etc. It also contains a collection of 1200 Journals (list of current periodicals). The library catalogue is a part of the Geneva RERO catalogue.

The Archives comprises the whole documentation produced by the WCC since its foundation: documents concerning its origin, assemblies, central and executive committees, divisions, departments, correspondence of the general secretariat, etc.

The Archives also contain the documents of other important ecumenical organisations as well as photo and multimedia collections (audio and video documents, films and microfilms).

The inventories of collections are available online in PDF format and also through a search engine.

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