Gosteli-Foundation - Archive on the history of women in Switzerland


The Gosteli Foundation was established in 1982 with the intention of being used to provide independent sponsorship for the archives documenting the history of the feminist movement in Switzerland.

The Foundation has two main aims:

  • An ideology-free rehabilitation of the history of the Swiss feminist movement
  • Inclusion of the history of women and the feminist movement in our country in history books, in school education and in adult education

The Gosteli Foundations holds many sources for the history of women, particularly the archives of women’s organisations and unions (AllianceF, historically the Union of Swiss Women’s Societies; SV-Service; Frauenbefreiungsbewegung FBB), private archives of female individuals and biographical notes.

Together, these records document the manifold activities of Swiss women since the late 19th century.

The archives also include:

    Magazines of the feminist movement

  • Pamphlets on feminist issues
  • Material on women’s professions, women in work, suffrage, women’s congresses and women’s exhibitions
  • Theses, degree theses, licentiates and term papers
  • Magazine collections
  • Newspaper articles
  • Audio and video material
  • Collections of biographies of both Swiss and foreign women

The archives include a library.

The collections can be search through archival overviews and a hierarchical search, as well as through the collective catalogue HAN.

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