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eikones - NCCR Iconic Criticism. The Power and Meaning of Images

The central questions of the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) "Iconic criticism. The Power and Meaning of images" which all partial projects connect are: How do pictures generate meaning – in the sciences, in everyday life, in the arts? What does influence them and how do they exert influence? Where is their very own, unreplaceable power?

Attempts to the clarification of these open questions come from the humanities as well as from the natural and technological sciences. The NCCR attempts to build bridges between the disciplines, within the leading university of Basel, as well as between different Swiss and international universities, institutions of higher education, research institutes, museums and collections. The website informs about the objectives, the individual modules, as well as the team of the scientists involved. Moreover, the website offers publication lists and a calendar of events.

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