Cliocast is a podcast series of conversations with historians about their recently published books. The programmes, which last about 30 minutes, might cover the main subjects and research theses of the books, methodological issues, the historian’s working conditions and the reception of the books.

The podcast are made available through the online platforms iTunes and SoundCloud; long-term preservation is secured by the Swiss National Sound Archives.

Cliocast's editors are Erich Keller (Zürich), Gesine Krüger (Zürich), Jan-Friedrich Missfelder (Basel) and Eva Pibiri (Lausanne), with the support of

cliocast #1:
Valentin Groebner:
Retroland. Geschichts­tourismus und die Sehnsucht nach dem Authentischen

Siehe auch: Rezension zum Buch von Tobias Becker.

cliocast #2:
Dipesh Chakrabarty