Castle of Chillon


In its current state, the Castle of Chillon is the result of several centuries of constant building, adaptations, renovations and restorations. The history of the castle was influenced by three major periods:
The Savoy period (12th century to 1536): The oldest written document mentioning the castle dates from 1150; it says that the House of Savoy already controlled the passing along the shores of Lake Geneva.
The Bernese period (1536-1798): The Swiss, more precisely the Bernese, conquered the Pays de Vaud and occupied Chillon in 1536. The castle retained it's role as a fortress, arsenal and prison for over 260 ans.
The Vaudois period (1798 to the present): The Bernese left Chillon in 1798 at the time of the Vaudois Revolution. The castle became the property of the Canton of Vaud when it was founded in 1803.


The halls and rooms show the history of the castle: underground (13th c.), halls and courtyards, chambre bernoise, Camera Domini (Duke of Savoy, 14th c.), chapel (14th c.), defenses (watchtowers, sentry walk, moat and turrets), Peter II of Savoy Room and Weapons room.

The castel presents some exhibitions too.

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